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Costa Mesa area residents can find affordable cat spaying here

Mesa area residents can find affordable cat spaying here
Pet parents in the Costa Mesa area seeking affordable cat spaying services are welcome to contact the team at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Rand Spongberg and his team have dedicated their practice to helping families lengthen the lifespan of their pets while also reducing the chances of pregnancy. There is a large homeless pet crisis going on in America right now, with thousands of cats and dogs in shelters in need of adoption. By spaying your cat, you can make a difference!

Benefits of spaying a cat

Spaying a cat is a smart choice as a caring and responsible pet owner, as it can help them live longer, healthier lives. This is because spaying greatly reduces the risk of breast tumors and uterine infections. Spayed female cats will also not go into heat, which means less urinating and “yowling” during this time.


There are several myths about spaying a cat. First, spaying does not cause pets to gain weight. Diet and lifestyle affect weight. Monitoring food intake and ensuring your pet gets enough activity every day can prevent weight gain. Second, spaying doesn’t fix behavioral issues. It is important to work with a trainer if you are having difficulties with your pet’s behavior. Third, spaying does not increase their risk of cancer. It does, in fact, reduce it. As stated above, there are many medical benefits to spaying a cat in addition to just reducing the chance of pregnancy and unwanted kittens.

Stop the pet homelessness crisis

So many pets are homeless due to overpopulation. By spaying your cat, you can help. Contact Dr. Rand Spongberg of Costa Mesa’s All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital and make an appointment to discuss sterilization. Call (949) 430-7576 or visit our office, we are located at 1912 Harbor Boulevard.

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