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Comprehensive animal care in the Newport Beach, CA area: Much more than a spay/neuter clinic

There are many well-run veterinary clinics across the country that offer valuable services to pets and owners. However, the word “clinic” brings to mind treatment based on speed, rather than personal attention. That style is necessary for operations that emphasize completing as many spay/neuter procedures or vaccinations in as little time as possible. At All Creatures Care Cottage, we take a different approach. Here, animal care is personalized and unhurried, with a focus on prevention and prescriptions to maintain pet’s wellness. That philosophy is one of the reasons pet owners from all over the Newport Beach, CA area trust our team.

An ounce of prevention . . .

. . . can save you big dollars in future veterinary treatment costs. We recommend an annual comprehensive physical examination (possibly more often for senior pets or those with existing medical conditions) to evaluate overall health and assess risk factors for disease. Based on findings, our veterinarians work with you to develop a customized wellness plan specific to your pet’s species, breed, age, lifestyle, and health, including:

Orange County climate considerations

Orange County is semi-arid, with moderate temperatures ranging from high 40s to low 70s, and average annual precipitation of less than 11 inches. This helps pet owners in the area avoid some of the concerns of those in southern states. However, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, heartworms, and other parasites are a real and present threat to pet health. In addition, the sunny climate can lead to heat exhaustion, sunburn, and skin cancers for active outdoor pets.

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