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Combating doggie BO with medicated baths in Costa Mesa

Sharing your time, home, and maybe even your furniture with a four-legged friend can be incredibly rewarding. But when your dog smells bad, the relationship turns arms-length fast. Most cases of dog body odor are rooted in skin problems. Medicated baths at All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa addresses the source of the odor rather than covering symptoms with perfumed products that may worsen the condition.

Smelly circumstances

 Unpleasant dog smell can have many medical causes. Overcoming odor begins with a thorough veterinary examination.

Normal sources of light scent, that should be manageable with routine bathing, include:

Problematic odor may stem from:

 Customized care

 Once the doctor has ruled out other causes of odor, medicated baths are an economical treatment for skin conditions. The veterinarian develops a personalized protocol that may include special or prescription pre-treatments, shampoos, and after-bath applications. Our groomers make the medicated bath a gentle and soothing “wet affection” experience for your pet.

The doctor may also talk with you about changes in diet that can improve overly-dry or allergic skin conditions. He or she will explain the best at home grooming techniques to keep your pet’s coat healthy and sweet-smelling between medicated baths.

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