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California area veterinarian discusses the importance of dental care for pets

While we take care of our teeth every day, we may overlook the importance of dental care for our pets. Costa Mesa, CA area pet parents who are interested in improving their pet’s dental health and wellness can speak with our veterinary practice to learn more about how to care for their pet’s oral health.

Why care for your pet’s teeth?

Just like humans, pets can be at risk for the development of cavities and periodontal disease. Poor oral health can contribute to a variety of medical conditions caused by the bacteria in the mouth. Periodontal disease starts with the development of plaque that becomes tartar and hardens onto the gum line. It can become severe enough to cause pain for your pet, and it may eventually require extractions if left untreated. Dental problems often seen in pets include:

How often should my pet’s teeth be evaluated?

It is best for a veterinarian to examine a pets’ teeth and gums during their annual check-ups. This allows Dr. Rand Spongberg to check for signs that may indicate problems. It is also a great time for him to educate pet owners on how to care for their pet’s teeth.

How are the teeth cleaned?

We offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings for your pet. These cleanings are extremely thorough and complement an at-home routine of brushing your pet’s teeth regularly.

Discuss dental care for your pet with Costa Mesa, CA veterinary practice

The team of All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital works with pet parents to ensure preventative procedures such as teeth cleanings are done regularly to maintain oral health and wellness. Our staff encourages you to contact us at to schedule an appointment at the practice, conveniently located at 1912 Harbor Boulevard.

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