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Dog grooming 101: Benefits of medicated shampoos in Costa Mesa

Just like humans, pets can experience skin irritation from bug bites and other annoyances. Grooming your dog with a bath and medicated shampoo from a veterinarian in the Huntingdon Beach area can reduce itching and help your pet be more comfortable. All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Costa Mesa offers flea dips and medicated baths for dogs.

Flea dips

Keeping your dog safe from fleas and ticks is an important part of pet ownership. During a flea dip, your dog is washed and rinsed with warm water. Then flea treatment is applied and worked into the skin, and the dog is dried. After the flea dip is complete, you can use oral or topical flea medication.

Medicated baths

Medicated baths are a versatile option to treat a variety of skin irritations. One of the most common conditions that benefits from a medicated bath is seborrheic dermatitis which causes oily, flaky skin in dogs.

Other conditions that may require a medicated bath include:

  • Allergic skin problems – Infections or hot spots cause dog’s skin to be itchy and irritated.
  • Yeast overgrowth – Yeast is naturally found on your dog’s skin, but when there is an overproduction it causes odor and intense itching.

In addition to professional grooming, you can do your part to keep your dog’s skin clean at home. This is especially important for animals with skin problems. Bathing at home with a medicated shampoo reduces bacteria, inflammation, and infection. Because each dog is different, we can advise which products are best for your pet, and how often you should be bathing it at home.

By grooming your pet properly, you can improve his or her quality of life. If you are in the Huntington Beach area, call us at  to learn more about medicated baths.