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What happens if your pet needs surgery for foreign body removal in Newport Beach ?

It happens when we least expect it – our pet consumes something they shouldn’t. Newport Beach area residents who are experiencing the ingestion of a foreign body by their beloved pet should speak with a veterinary practice as soon as possible to discuss ways to remove them. In some cases, the pet may need to undergo surgery.

Surgical intervention

There are times when pets may need surgery to address foreign body removal. A foreign body may be anything that entered into the body through the mouth or nose. If they become lodged inside the animal, in some instances, the problem can become life threatening. Surgery may be scheduled to ensure the pet is brought back to health and is not permanently harmed.

How it works

Pet parents call our practice as soon as the suspect an issue with a foreign body. The pet is brought to our practice for a series of x-rays to determine where the object is stuck and how to intervene. If surgery is suggested, our veterinary staff speaks to our clients about how the procedure will be performed and what to expect in terms of healing and recovery. A pet is given general anesthesia for comfort while the surgery is performed in our practice. Pet parents are given information in regards to how to care for their pets following the procedure.

What to do in case of foreign body consumption?

The first step to take when you are concerned for your pet’s health is to contact All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital at  and schedule a same day appointment when possible. Our practice is located at 1912 Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa and is convenient to access from main roads. We encourage pet parents to make an appointment if they are ever concerned about the health of their pet.