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Guidance for Irvine, CA pet owners on what to do between teeth cleanings

Dogs and cats are not as prone to tooth decay as humans are. However, pets develop plaque and tartar, leading to gum disease. Periodontal problems can lead to life-threatening heart, kidney, and liver ailments. Regular teeth cleaning keeps pets in the Irvine, CA area healthier and happier. Dr. Rand Spongberg shares tips for maintaining pet oral hygiene between cleanings.

Professional cleanings are essential

Pets teeth should be examined and professionally cleaned once a year. Prevention and maintenance can avoid costly bills for you in the future, and uncomfortable treatment for your best friend. All Creatures Care Cottage offers traditional cleanings with anesthetic, and the option of non-anesthetic hygiene visits for animals who qualify.

Keeping Fluffy’s mouth healthy

If you notice warning signs such as these, between professional cleanings, please make an appointment right away:

Brush your pet’s teeth daily using a double-headed brush with bristles at a 45-degree angle, to clean below the gum line. Do NOT use human toothpaste – it may contain ingredients that are poisonous to dogs and cats. Ask Dr. Spongberg for the right type for your pet. Try to make it a relaxed and fun experience. Don’t worry – it gets easier over time.

Provide safe, synthetic chew bones and toys and dental treats that provide mild abrasion of teeth for mechanical breakdown of plaque.

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