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Where can I get pet vaccinations near me in the Costa Mesa area?

Dr. Rand Spongberg and the team at All Creatures Care Cottage can help if you are seeking treatment solutions for your pet “near me” in Costa Mesa. This includes even the most basic of preventative services such as pet vaccinations.

What are vaccinations?

Vaccinations are injections that are done to protect a pet from certain preventable illnesses. Some of them are completed once a year, while others are done every several years. They can be used to protect pets from kennel cough, rabies, and other conditions that may develop. This is one of the best services we provide for your pet.

What is the importance of vaccinations?

Vaccinations are an important part of preventative care for any pet. Just as humans receive vaccinations for diseases, pets need vaccinations to keep them healthier and extend their lifespan as much as possible. Many conditions can be avoided by making sure pets have their vaccinations completed on a regular, scheduled basis.

Scheduling vaccinations

During your first visit to All Creatures Care Cottage, pet parents are advised as to the vaccinations their pets could benefit from, as well as the schedule in which they should have their vaccinations completed. Over the years, the veterinarian may make suggestions as to additional vaccinations which may benefit the pet including those for kennel cough if they are boarded on a regular basis or are going to the groomers. Kennel cough is easily prevented with routine vaccinations at the veterinarian’s office.

Schedule a visit

If you are interested in getting your pet up to date on their vaccinations, contact our team of professionals at All Creatures Care Cottage to schedule an appointment for your beloved four-legged friend! Call us at  or by personally visiting us at our convenient location, 1912 Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa, California.