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What to expect after a dog’s spaying in Costa Mesa

Spaying a dog is one way to help her live a long, healthy life. While it is a routine procedure, it is still a surgery with a healing period. Here is what Newport Beach area pet owners need to know about recovery when bringing a dog home after being spayed at All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa.

Immediately after the procedure

Maintaining proper activity levels

Limit your dog from jumping onto beds or other furniture and running up the stairs, for the first two weeks. Keep her inside as much as possible and away from male dogs for about a month. Short walks are okay.

When to be concerned

It is normal for your dog to be sleepy or agitated the day of surgery. Small amounts of blood and minor swelling or redness is also normal for about a week.

If after the first day she is unable to stand or walk, refuses to eat or drink, has vomiting or diarrhea, or is coughing, contact us as soon as possible at . In addition, bring her in right away if she has difficulty breathing, an open wound, or significant bleeding and swelling.


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