All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital

Highly trained veterinary surgeon available for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach pets

Most of the time you and your pet will only see the veterinarian for routine visits. Your pet will be weighed, receive any necessary vaccinations, and get a friendly exam. But, sometimes, serious care is required. At All Creatures Care Veterinary Hospital, serving the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach areas, we know just how much your pet means to you. We have a surgical suite and experienced veterinary surgeons who are equipped to handle complex procedures.


As fellow pet owners, we know just how worrisome it can be when your companion needs surgery. We want to assure you that our surgeons have years of education and experience. We will not attempt a procedure we feel unqualified for, and will refer you to the very best specialist.

Education qualifications of veterinary surgeons:

Some of the surgeries we perform:


All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital treats all animals with clinically advanced compassionate care. We carefully evaluate your pet and get to know them and their medical history. This ensures we approach surgical intervention with caution. We also extend our compassion to our patients’ owners. We will never treat your animal without a full explanation of what we are doing.


Help your pet experience the happiness and health that our skilled staff makes possible. We give the kind of care your pet deserves. Give us a call at  to schedule a consultation.