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Non Anesthetic Dentals-Teeth Cleaning

Your pet's health is an important aspect of his or her quality of life. At All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital, families in the Costa Mesa area find the compassionate and thorough care they need to keep pets happy. Dental care is something that is just as important for your pet as it is for you. Because most dogs do not get their teeth cleaned on a daily basis, the percentage of pups with periodontal disease is high. By the age of just three years old, as much as 80 percent of dogs, and 70 percent of cats, have periodontal disease. Gum disease is one of the most prevalent animal conditions treated today.

Pets should have a fresher breath and better oral health

Gum disease and your pet's health

Gum disease can be a significant detriment to the general health and wellness of your pet. This is because the condition originates with oral bacteria, living organisms that weaken teeth and gums before making their way into other areas of the body. The same bacteria that cause infection in the mouth can be inhaled, causing respiratory infection. They can also travel via the blood to organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and the brain.

Here at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital we offer two types of teeth cleanings: Those performed under general anesthesia and those performed awake, without the use of anesthesia. We are happy to perform gentle, thorough exams that identify your pet's needs. Most people expect that a dental cleaning will involve anesthesia, but there are pets who qualify to have a non-anesthetic cleaning, which can reduce risk and cost.

Who may qualify for a non anesthetic dental cleaning?

  • Pets with minimal plaque and tartar
  • Pets with certain medical conditions

Pets with moderate or severe dental disease, or pets with loose teeth are not considered candidates for non anesthetic cleanings and they would need to be put under general anesthesia for a teeth cleaning.

What is involved in the non anesthetic dental cleaning?

A highly qualified dental technician will assess oral health and chart necessary information. Using gentle restraint, we will remove plaque, a sticky substance that builds up around teeth and the gums. Plaque may sometimes need to be removed from beneath the gums as well. Tartar, which is hardened plaque, may need to be scraped off tooth enamel. After plaque and tartar have been removed, teeth are polished.

The team at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital provides compassionate care that keeps your pet's mouth as healthy as possible. To learn more about dental exams and cleanings, call (949) 430-7576.

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