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Prescriptions and Preventive Care

Because pets cannot communicate their needs to us, it is important that they receive routine check-ups and preventive care on a regular basis.

The aging process occurs far more rapidly in animals than in humans. A single year in your life equates to about seven for your adult pet. Because life goes by much more quickly for your canine or feline companion, annual examinations are crucial to preservation of life and the prevention of disease. Unlike humans, your pet will go to great lengths to hide suffering from you. Consequently, you may only discover a health issue when your pet displays symptoms or when you visit your veterinarian for routine health care. Once your pet shows the signs of poor health, it is likely that disease has become advanced. Annual wellness visits promote optimal health for your pet and less stress for you.

Preventive animal care in Costa Mesa

At All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital, pets are treated with a health program tailored to their needs. Preventive medications may be recommended for conditions such as heartworm and fleas. Vaccinations are also vital to longevity and disease prevention. Your experienced veterinarian will check for heartworm during routine examinations. This condition, when caught early, can be successfully treated. Additional assessment may focus on intestinal parasites, which can be spread from pets to humans.

Preventive animal care evaluates health from nose to tail, including the teeth and gums. While animals do not seem to get cavities as humans do, they are highly susceptible to gum disease. This infection can cause undue pain for your pet, making it difficult for him or her to play with toys or chew food. Additionally, the bacteria present in gum disease have also been identified as factors in poor heart, kidney, and liver health in animals. Managing your pet's health becomes much more affordable when routine dental care is a part of your annual visits with your vet.

Pets are included into our families because they give us protection, unwavering friendship, and, entertainment. In return for their love, we can give them the best life possible.

Schedule your visit at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital today to keep your pet feeling great. Call (949) 430-7576.

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All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital

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"Treated my little guy great. I actually boarded him here once and he seemed to like it...wasn't nervous all coming back the next time like he had been at other clinics. And very reasonable pricing."