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Cary A.
They were really good with Freddy who needed her teeth cleaned really bad. She wasn't even stressed too badly when she came home and she was purring the whole way home. Very nice and professional staff also.
Tiffany G.
I took my red eared slider turtle here today. Upon entering the building the decor is welcoming. I saw dogs, birds and rabbits eating to be seen in the waiting room. The clinic sees a variety of animals. The staff was very friendly and efficient. The doctor had a great bedside manner and provided educational materials upon discharge. This is now my veterinarian of choice! Thank you.
Cassandra C.
Thank god for this place. ..its very hard to find a great vet. .even harder to find an exotic specialist that doesn't stress your animal out and is extremely patient and knowledgeable. For those who are worried about cost, they take care credit and the exam is only 50 I believe.
Dee B.
"When my 16 year old cat got cancer and died it was very hard for me. Dr. Spongberg was wonderful to me, so compassionate and understanding. He even followed up with a sympathy card. This doctor cares"
Christina D.
"I knew Dr. Pasco when he was at Sun Surf in Sunset Beach, well before he started All Creatures Care Cottage, and would follow him anywhere he practiced. Getting to know Dr. Chapman has been a rewarding experience and I could not have asked for anyone better to take over the practice. I trust him with all my feathered, finned and furry four legged companions. He is always informative and willing to take the time to answer questions. This has been very beneficial to me as my companions go through the various stages of life. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring and treat my pets and myself like family."
Eric M.
"I feel comfortable taking my pet here. They seem to care about the pet and not just making money"
Lindsey C.
"Love this place! Very reasonably priced for exotic pets. I have 4 rats and it's usually hard to find a place that is not only reasonable but also educated on rat health. Highly recommend! Dr. Chapman is great!"
Candice S.
" I have been coming here for 6 years, they treat my Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Rag Doll & Scottish Fold Cats. When I brought my dwarf rabbit in he had a stomach blockage and had gone into GI stasis, anyone with rabbits knows that most pets will die from this. ACCC worked with me for over a month and we were able to save him from something most rabbits die from. They also treat my cats, they never charge me for anything I do not need, are immensely knowledgeable where other vets lack and the staff is the best in the world, each and every member there is wonderful and have been there for years, which tells you this is a good place.

For those who had negative reviews, Im sorry they are incapable of applying logic to their complaints, this is what worries me about people (anyone) being able to leave reviews, it should come with their IQ listed next to their name so you know whom to dismiss. Mr. Wong, they directed you to an emergency facility which is where you should have contacted if your dog was in need of immediate attention, you dont call your physician with allergic reaction, you go to the ER; same goes for pets genius. As for the other guy if you called at 5:30 and they close at 6 my guess is they weren't going to fit you in because by the time you got there (even two blocks away) it would have been time for them to close, and past closing time once you were done being seen, how about being respectful with peoples time and business hours and call ahead of time.. or just go to that other vet place as I am sure that is both good for them not dealing with some demanding a-hole like yourself. They cant defend themselves but I can say what I please as a customer, so from me to you shove it up your you know what."
Can D.
" I have a little American Bullfrog who injured both of his arms, but by the time I was sure there was something wrong it was 4pm on Mon. I called 4 vets clinics before finally reaching All Creatures Care (the others in my area either didn't serve frogs or didn't have a doctor in that day) and they promised if I could get there an hour before closing (6pm) they would see my pet, despite them being busy.

And even though I was a last minute walk-in, my frog was seen after waiting only 20 mins (people I saw with appointments weren't waiting more than five).

The staff and Doctor were kind, quick, professional, and the bill for the meds/visit was decently priced. But more importantly, I'm really grateful they were able to see my pet on such short notice. They saved my frog an extra day of pain and gave me piece of mind. Hopefully my little guy gets better and I never have to go back but, I'm glad it's around if/when I need it. All Creatures Care Cottage will be the first place I call from now on."
Joni O.
"I bring my own pets and my clients pets. They have always treated the animals and me with the most respect and compassion. I highly recommend them. The staff and the Vets are great and very helpful."
Austin S.
"Been taking everything from wild birds to beloved hamster, rats, cats, lizards - you name it they'll do their best to make the critter whole and hale again - for about 15 years now. Great place!"
Charles P.
"My Doberman got in a fight with a pit bill and my Doberman was badly wounded. All creatures care cottage took outstanding care of him and whilst it cost me a pretty penny to get my boy back on track it could have been much worse. They didn't charge me for check-up visits and were very kind in doing their best to keep the bill down! All the staff I met were fantastic and understanding - real animal people! Can't say enough good things about ACCC - good stuff!!"
Kristi B.
"I took my tortoise here for a runny nose. The vet was amazing. It turned out my little guy was much sicker than I thought, with the help of the doctor shes making a pretty speedy recovery. She didnt charge me as much as she could have and even saw me last minute when I didnt have an app. Love this place and have recomended it to many other reptile owners"
"This was the first time visiting this location. I had to bring in Buddy our 16 1/2 year old poodle who was suffering from several illnesses. Unfortunately Buddy had to be put to sleep. My kids 18 & 21 were raised with Buddy so as you can imagine this was extremely difficult. Dr. Chapman and the all of the staff I dealt with were extremely compassionate and helpful and my heart felt grattitude goes out to everyone there. Sincerely Frank and family."
"Great Vet that is good for all Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Dogs & Cats. We took our Guinea Pig here both of them before they died. Dr Pasco was wonderful with them. Pasco was very knowledgeable about Guinea Pigs and helped us through hard times. Dr Chapman was very helpful with our 2nd Guinea Pig too. Our dog has been here several times and they have always treated us fairly and always charged a decent price. There staff is very nice too and empathetic in times of loss. We encourage anyone with small pets and dogs to try them as they have an old fashioned feel good place unlike those places that look like a resort."
"I just started taking my puppy here...a rescue. Everyone there is so very friendly. I used to take my turtle there for years. It's a great place."

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All Creatures Care Cottage

Rating : 5  - 5 Star Rating Review

"I just started taking my puppy here...a rescue. Everyone there is so very friendly. I used to take my turtle there for years. It's a great place."