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Affordable vet care in the Huntington Beach, CA area includes vital diagnostics

Affordable Vet Care Huntington Beach CA

You want the best vet care for your dog or cat. Yet, the cost of healthcare for pets is naturally a concern. Dr. Rand Spongberg and his team at All Creatures Care Cottage strive to make the highest level of care affordable on virtually any budget. This philosophy includes advanced, on-site diagnostics for prevention and accurate evaluation of health issues. Clients throughout the Huntington Beach, CA area find this approach saves money (as well as discomfort for the pet) in the long term.

Importance of diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is critical in developing a clear picture of your pet’s overall health, and in detecting underlying (asymptomatic) conditions and risk factors . . . even when your companion looks perfectly healthy on the outside.

For puppies and kittens, preventive diagnostics includes fecal exam for intestinal parasites, pre-anesthetic bloodwork before a spay or neuter procedure, and heartworm/Lyme/ehrlicia testing.

Older pets should have an annual:

  • CBC (complete blood count).
  • Chemistry panel to evaluate kidney and liver function and blood sugar levels.
  • Urinalyses.
  • Fecal flotation test for internal parasites.
  • Heartworm test.
  • Tick-borne disease testing.

The cost of treating any one of these conditions in an advanced state far exceeds the price tag of proactive testing.

Keeping care affordable

The All Creatures Care Cottage facility is equipped with the latest technologies such as:

  • Digital x-rays.
  • Ultrasound imaging.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Culture testing.
  • Much more.


That means no or fewer appointments with veterinary specialists, reduced travel and missed work time, and overall lower treatment cost.

Payment by cash, debit card, or major credit card is welcome. The friendly front desk staff will be happy to assist with application for CareCredit financing for your pet’s healthcare.

Is quality vet care affordable in the Huntington Beach, CA area? Yes – at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Costa Mesa. Call (949) 430-7576 to schedule an appointment.

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