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Costa Mesa area practice offers animal boarding solutions

Costa Mesa area practice offers animal boarding

When the family is on vacation, pets are sometimes not able to join them. This is when families in the Costa Mesa area seek for animal boarding options. Leaving pets with someone pet owners trust is important to ensuring peace of mind while they’re away. Many families in the community call All Creatures Care Cottage for their pet boarding needs.

Trusting Providers

At All Creatures Care Cottage, families know their pet will be taken care of by trusted professionals. Instead of having someone stop by the house each day to check on your pets, they will receive individualized attention at our facility. Pets are boarded in secure kennels that are large and comfortable. Our staff routinely interacts with the dogs and cats and exotic pets, taking them out for play time and to use the bathroom throughout the day. Additionally, our practice can also bathe your pet before you return from your vacation as just one less thing for you to worry about once you arrive back home!

Benefits of Animal Boarding at a Veterinary Office

There are several advantages to boarding your pet at a veterinary office. First and foremost, we have a board-certified veterinarian close by in the event of an emergency. We have highly trained technicians who can administer medications for aging or ill pets. Health conditions are closely monitored by our staff throughout their stay and if there are any changes in their situation, we can handle them accordingly while maintaining appropriate contact with you regarding your pet’s status. Additionally, our practice provides fresh water and healthy pet food, which is chosen to accommodate each pet’s feeding routine.

At All Creatures Care Cottage, we provide the care and attention pets need to feel at home, even when they’re away from their owners. We love and enjoy each pet as we would our own, and want our clients to feel comfortable when leaving their pet in our care while they get some much-needed time away from the daily grind. Contact us to book animal boarding services for your next getaway!

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