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Costa Mesa, CA hospital for animals offers wide variety of services

Hospital for Animals

Dr. Rand Spongberg and the team of All Creatures Care Cottage believe in providing “the kind of care your pet deserves.” We understand that your pet is just like your family and should be treated as such. We offer services for all types of pets and encourage you to learn more about the treatments offered to patients in the Costa Mesa, CA area. Services provided All Creatures Care Cottage is a veterinary hospital that provides the following services: Diagnostics – we provide services to diagnose common conditions Vaccinations – immunizations are great preventatives to keep your pet healthy Spay/neuter – … Continue reading

Affordable vet care in the Huntington Beach, CA area includes vital diagnostics

Affordable Vet Care Huntington Beach CA

You want the best vet care for your dog or cat. Yet, the cost of healthcare for pets is naturally a concern. Dr. Rand Spongberg and his team at All Creatures Care Cottage strive to make the highest level of care affordable on virtually any budget. This philosophy includes advanced, on-site diagnostics for prevention and accurate evaluation of health issues. Clients throughout the Huntington Beach, CA area find this approach saves money (as well as discomfort for the pet) in the long term. Importance of diagnostics Diagnostic testing is critical in developing a clear picture of your pet’s overall health, … Continue reading

When your pet is in pain we have the technology to help with our new Therapeutic Laser!

Class IV K-Laser Therapy system

Nothing can take the place of your loving touch when a dog, cat or exotic is in discomfort. However, that isn’t always enough to get your best friend feeling like himself or herself again after an injury, illness, or surgery. Dr. Rand Spongberg and his team of veterinary professionals at All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa, CA offer an innovative healing and pain management advance – K-Laser Therapy. About the device The Class IV K-Laser Therapy system is cleared by the FDA for veterinary use. Our clinician uses the therapeutic laser to send specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared … Continue reading

Diagnosis for specific pet symptoms in Costa Mesa

Doing specific pet symptoms in Costa Mesa

Our pets are like family, and when they are sick, it is important to work with a veterinary practice who can provide a diagnosis for their symptoms. Costa Mesa area families are welcome to visit All Creatures Care Cottage to have their pet evaluated and checked for a variety of concerns. Diagnosis of pet symptoms A diagnosis of a condition is the first step in determining the best treatment. Whether your pet has become lethargic or is experiencing problems such as diarrhea or vomiting, it is important to have them seen by a professional to determine the source of the … Continue reading