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Gentle and compassionate end of life services for your pet

Pet End of Life Services in Costa Mesa CA Area

Aging pets have so much to offer your family, and it can be challenging to make choices about your pet’s care towards the end of their life. Serious illnesses can also come on suddenly, giving you little time to make big decisions about your pet’s health and care. At All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Costa Mesa, California, we strive to make the decision-making process easier by walking with you through each step of the way and providing compassionate, respectful end-of-life services. Signs your pet may be ready for end-of-life care Euthanasia is a gentle and compassionate option for … Continue reading

Finding compassionate pet end of life care near Huntington Beach, CA

pet end of life care near Huntington Beach, CA

Facing the impending loss of a beloved pet is part of ownership. They make such a positive difference in the quality of our lives, it is natural to want the best possible circumstances at the end of theirs. Compassionate end of life care that respects your feelings and wishes as well as your pet’s wellbeing is available near Huntington Beach, CA at All Creatures Care Cottage. Goals of end-of-life care Minimize pet’s discomfort, distress, and disorientation. Animals may not exhibit outward signs of suffering, so pain management is essential, along with dietary changes and plenty of love. Make his final … Continue reading