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Dog Etiquette and Training Tips For Pups Who Like to Be Social

Taking the time to train your dog and help him get used to people

These days, many restaurants and other businesses are dog-friendly, but not every dog has the manners or social graces to spend time in such places. It’s important as a dog-owner to train your pup so that he’ll be friendly and well-behaved when in public, especially if he loves being social. While it’s great for dogs to spend time with people, failing to train them properly can lead to accidents, injuries, or stress for everyone involved.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can help your dog get socialized so that he’ll mind his manners when you’re together in public. Taking the time to teach him how to behave will save you lots of grief down the line and allow him to have fun and stay happy and relaxed no matter where you are. Here are a few tips on how to train your dog for social situations.

Keep Him Happy

Dogs don’t typically have many needs, but they do require sustenance, so make sure your pup has food and water handy no matter where he is. Having his own bowls around will ensure that he doesn’t try to snatch food from someone else if you’re at a restaurant or bar, and keeping him hydrated will help him stay comfortable on hot summer days. Look for collapsible bowls that will make travel easier with your dog, and keep them in your car so he’ll be taken care of no matter where you go. It’s always good to invest in the best portable food and water bowls.

Socialize Him

It’s important to help your dog stay socialized if you want him to learn good manners. Daily walks are key; this will help him get used to being around people and other animals, especially if you take him to a local dog park or walk him through a neighborhood where others are spending time outdoors. This will also let him get accustomed to the various sights and scents of your community, including cars. For more tips on how to socialize your dog, click here.

Train Him

Teaching your dog to greet people politely will go a long way towards keeping your neighbors and anyone you come into contact with in public happy. This means no jumping up, no barking, and no embarrassing sniffing. Focus on tricks such as “shaking hands” or teach him to sit and wait to be petted. This can be difficult with dogs who are very energetic or young, but not impossible. Also, consider purchasing a quality leash for your pooch.

Educate Your House Guests

Many times, houseguests will indulge your dog when he exhibits the behavior you’ve been trying to break him of, either out of politeness or because they have a dog themselves and don’t want to make a fuss. However, it’s imperative that you tell them about your dog’s training and let them know the right way to respond, especially if he’s a puppy. Because dogs grow fairly rapidly, it’s possible that he might continue the bad behavior as he gets bigger and is more prone to destruction. Make it a point to educate your guests on how to respond to your dog’s behavior.

Taking the time to train your dog and help him get used to people, other animals, and his surroundings will go a long way towards keeping him happy for years to come. It can also make your life much easier! Set aside some time every day to spend with your dog, helping him get socialized. Not only will it help with his training, it will give the two of you a chance to bond.


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