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601 W 19th St., Suite 200, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 |
601 W 19th St., Suite 200, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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Costa Mesa, CA hospital for animals offers wide variety of services

Hospital for Animals

Dr. Rand Spongberg and the team of All Creatures Care Cottage believe in providing “the kind of care your pet deserves.” We understand that your pet is just like your family and should be treated as such. We offer services for all types of pets and encourage you to learn more about the treatments offered to patients in the Costa Mesa, CA area.

Services provided

All Creatures Care Cottage is a veterinary hospital that provides the following services:

  • Diagnostics – we provide services to diagnose common conditions
  • Vaccinations – immunizations are great preventatives to keep your pet healthy
  • Spay/neuter – avoid unwanted pregnancies with spaying and neutering services
  • Dental health – keep your pet’s teeth clean with non-anesthetic teeth cleaning
  • Prescriptions – we offer prescription medications right in our office for your pet’s needs
  • Preventative care – regular evaluations help keep your pet healthy
  • Surgery – surgical procedures are available with our surgical staff
  • Boarding – families headed on vacation can trust our boarding staff with their family friend
  • Medicated baths – medicated baths are great for pets with infections, excess oils, or allergies
  • End-of-life care – we offer euthanasia and compassionate care for your sick or elderly pet

Our full-service veterinary hospital for animals helps pet parents with the health and wellness of their companions. We treat our patients like family and enjoy providing grooming, boarding, and veterinary services. We are glad that you trust us with the care of your pet!

If you live in Costa Mesa, CA or one of the surrounding communities and are seeking excellent care for your furry family members, now is the time to connect with All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital to learn about the services offered. Our practice is located at 601 W 19th St., Suite 200 and can be reached at (949) 430-7576. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

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