Pet Boarding in Costa Mesa

When you must be away from home and cannot take your pet, you can have peace of mind with quality dog and cat boarding at All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa.

Our community veterinary facility is equipped to provide your pet with a clean, safe, and fun environment when they cannot be home with you! Our clients feel comfortable with our boarding services knowing that a board-certified doctor and loving staff are in close proximity to kennels on a daily basis.

Boarding at All Creatures Care Cottage

Dr. Rand Spongberg, BSC, BVMS offers Animal Boarding at their brand new state of the art Boarding facility at All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa, CA.

The Boarding Facility has separate wards for dogs, cats, and exotics so that they are never boarded together. All facilities from large Kennels to large outdoor area with artificial grass is offered for the dogs to play and what's more, they get the best attention at All Creatures Care Cottage with the well-trained staff, which is the benefit of boarding at a well equipped Veterinary Hospital.

Call and Schedule a tour of the Kennels today to offer the best care for your pet.

There are several benefits to boarding your cat or dog with the staff at All Creatures Care Cottage:

  • Secure kennels have ample space for your pet to move about comfortably.
  • Dogs are provided with the interaction, play, and outdoor time they need to maintain high spirits.
  • Our cat condominiums are routinely monitored by friendly staff.
  • Each pet receives personal attention. We address them by name, play with them, and pet them throughout the day. We observe their habits so that we may quickly notice anything out of the ordinary, which may indicate illness.
  • Healthy pet foods are provided daily. We are happy to accommodate your pets’ unique feeding routine as needed. Just give us a call to discuss your preferences.
  • Highly trained veterinary technicians are available to give your pet medications if necessary, and to monitor pets who have health conditions. If status updates are needed, we will arrange correspondence with you.
  • Board-certified veterinarians are close by in case of an emergency.
  • If you would like, we can arrange to bathe your pet before your return.

Our commitment to your pets and to you is that your animal friends will be made comfortable in a happy environment while you are away. Our expertise and love for animals enables most pets to settle into our boarding facility very nicely. In fact, many animals enjoy the temporary change in environment, like being away at “pet camp.” Knowing that every pet is unique, our staff provides the loving patience necessary to help even very timid pets to adjust to the boarding environment.

Your pet deserves compassionate, competent care. You deserve to enjoy time away on vacation or for work when needed. When you choose pet boarding in our Costa Mesa facility, you can feel confident that we will care for your pet as we care for our own.