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Spays and Neuters

What is spay and neuter?

Spaying is the ovariectomy procedure that is performed on female dogs and cats. It is recommended that a young female dog be spayed once she has reached approximately six months old. A female cat may be spayed at four to six months old. Because pregnancy can occur as early as six months of age, and as often as two to three times a year, spaying is an important factor in your pet’s life – and in yours.

The neuter procedure removes the male animal’s testicles, eliminating its potential to impregnate a female. Neuters are typically performed anywhere from six to twelve months depending on breed and behavior. However, male cats are best neutered before six months old. This minimizes the risk that the male cat will mark his territory.

Spays and neuters are performed with precision and gentleness in our state-of-the-art surgical suite in Costa Mesa.

These surgical procedures involve anesthetizing your pet so they are completely comfortable and at peace during care. Our highly-trained surgical staff understands the risks involved with anesthesia. In addition to explaining them to our clients, we remain watchful throughout surgeries and in the post-op area, monitoring vital signs at all times.

Benefits of spaying and neutering

The obvious reason that pet owners schedule their companions for reproductive alteration is to prevent pregnancy. Spaying and neutering carry additional benefits for your pet and for your family.

Spays and Neuters
  • Research has shown that altered animals remain healthier and live longer.
  • Spayed females have a reduced risk for mammary cancer as well as uterine infections. The risk of cancer increases with each heat cycle.
  • Neutered males have fewer prostate problems and a decreased risk of testicular cancer.
  • The primal urge to find a mate is diminished in the altered animal. This reduces the risk that your pet will wander far from home and get into fights.
  • Heat cycles in females can be messy and invite unwanted attention from males.
  • Aggressive and inappropriate behaviors such as biting and wailing tend to be lower in altered cats and dogs.
  • Many cities offer lower licensing fees for spayed and neutered pets.

Schedule your pets’ spay or neuter at All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Costa Mesa. Call (949) 430-7576.

Spaying and Neutering explained by Dr. Rand Spongberg

Spaying and Neutering explained by Dr. Rand Spongberg
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Dr. Rand Spongberg explains how the process of Spaying and Neutering happens at the All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital Costa Mesa CA.
Once the physical examination is done and once they confirm that the pet is healthy and no complications, they will run a blood test along with a treatment plan based on their weight, breed, and age.

First step is to check that the pets are healthy and have no complications.

The spaying and neutering procedure will begin once the vet decides that the physical examination is good.
A blood test will be performed along with a treatment plan based on their weight, breed and age.

Spays and neuters are done in hospital and the pets can go home the same day once they awake from the anesthesia.

The procedure is done by our highly-trained surgical staff at our office from Monday to Friday. We recommend this procedure for all pets.

What are the benefits of spaying and neutering the pets: explained by Dr. Rand Spongberg

What are the benefits of spaying and neutering the pets - Costa Mesa, CA
Dr. Rand Spongberg explains why spaying and neutering pets are important in both behavioral and medical sides. To learn more about spaying and neutering the pets call Dr. Rand Spongberg today.

The obvious benefit is the unwanted animals. There is plenty of unwanted animals in the shelters, and they are completely full, and they don’t need any more new pets.

But there are also behavioral and medical benefits of spaying and neutering. Specifically, with male dogs and cats, if they can get out and want to roam around to find a female partner, they can have other behavioral issues such as aggression, marking their territory, and things like that.

On the medical side, there are benefits for both genders on why to fix them. Certain types of cancers are more likely and more common on pets that are not neutered. That is the big reason why we want to perform those procedures on dogs and cats at a young age.

Dr. Rand Spongberg, BSc, BVMS

Dr. Rand Spongberg image
A graduate from the University of California, Irvine, and Murdoch University, Dr. Rand Spongberg brings with him a plethora of skills and expertise. He is a very well established veterinarian who has a passion for animal welfare and is a firm believer in taking care of both the pet and its owner.

Dr. Spongberg prioritizes his relationships with the owners of the pets that are brought to him for help as maintaining a bond of trust and respect allows for him to better diagnose, treat and help the animals that come to him. Quality of work has always been a part of his repertoire and giving animals the best possible care whilst under his control is something Dr. Spongberg is happy to be responsible for.

In addition to being a service oriented person with a genuine compassion for animals, Dr. Spongberg maintains active memberships at the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and is the proud new owner of All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital.