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Learn the types of pet allergies, symptoms, and treatments to keep your pet comfortable in Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Spongber Randy explains the types of pet allergies, symptoms, and treatments to keep your pet comfortable in Costa Mesa, CA

Many people do not realize that pets can have seasonal or year-round allergies just as humans do. Year-round allergies may include food allergies. Seasonal allergies include fleas and environmental allergens such as pollen, grasses, and molds. There are different types of pet allergies with several symptoms and treatments. In Costa Mesa, CA, Dr. Rand Spongberg of All Creatures Care Cottage offers care for pets suffering from allergies.

Types of pet allergies

Just as the terms sound, the difference between seasonal and year-round allergies is the time when your pet has symptoms. A pet who has symptoms year-round probably has a reaction to something constant in his or her diet or environment. Seasonal allergies are more common in the spring and fall when weather patterns and temperatures are changing to become warmer or cooler. Seasonal allergies have two main types: flea allergies and atopic allergies. A single flea bite can set off a reaction. Atopic allergies are a skin reaction to an allergen. Triggers may include flowering plants, grasses, insects, mold, and ragweed.

Allergy symptoms

Allergies are not fun for anyone. They can make your pet uncomfortable and miserable. Dogs are more prone to seasonal allergies than cats are. These allergies usually first appear when the dog is young, often between one and three years old. In humans, seasonal allergies often affect the respiratory system. In pets, the skin becomes irritated or inflamed. This is known as contact dermatitis. Symptoms include:

  • Constant scratching
  • Red, irritated skin
  • Hot spots or infections on the skin from constant scratching
  • Obsessive licking or chewing his or her paws and legs
  • Scratching or rubbing his or her face
  • Hair loss
  • Red, stinky ears
  • Shaking of the head due to irritated ears
  • Ear infections
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Respiratory symptoms are less common but may occur. This may include sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and coughing. Generalized redness is another symptom to look for in pets who have allergies. Your pet may have redness in the eyes, oral tissues, chin, paws, or anus.

Diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Spongber Randy explains allergy symptoms.

The more a pet is exposed to sensitive allergens, the more intense and long-lasting the allergic reaction becomes. This means seasonal allergies can linger with symptoms lasting year-round. The earlier the symptoms are noticed and diagnosed, the better chance you and your vet have of reducing the risk of an escalated allergic reaction year after year.

There are changes you can make at home to help your pet be more at ease.

  • Frequent baths give your pet immediate relief as the allergens are removed from the skin and coat.
  • Medicated Foot mousse reduce the number of allergens tracked through the house and your pet’s living area.
  • Keep your pet’s living areas clear of allergens by vacuuming, cleaning the floors, and washing pet bedding frequently using non-toxic, allergen-free cleaners and detergents.
  • Talk to your vet about dietary changes such as a novel protein diet. Discuss the options with your vet to determine the best food and to learn the proper way to transition your pet.

If your pet is suffering from allergy symptoms, contact Dr. Rand Spongberg of All Creatures Care Cottage today for treatment options. Call (949) 430-7576.


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Dr. Rand Spongberg, BSc, BVMS

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A graduate from the University of California, Irvine, and Murdoch University, Dr. Rand Spongberg brings with him a plethora of skills and expertise. He is a very well established veterinarian who has a passion for animal welfare and is a firm believer in taking care of both the pet and its owner.

Dr. Spongberg prioritizes his relationships with the owners of the pets that are brought to him for help as maintaining a bond of trust and respect allows for him to better diagnose, treat and help the animals that come to him. Quality of work has always been a part of his repertoire and giving animals the best possible care whilst under his control is something Dr. Spongberg is happy to be responsible for.

In addition to being a service oriented person with a genuine compassion for animals, Dr. Spongberg maintains active memberships at the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and is the proud new owner of All Creatures Care Cottage Veterinary Hospital.