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Local Veterinarian Offers Tips for Bringing in Your Cat to the Pet Hospital Under Minimal Stress

October 22, 2021

It is easier to get some animals into the veterinarian than it is for others.

That is why your local veterinarian hospital should put a significant amount of focus into creating an environment that will be comfortable for both pet and pet parents. People in Costa Mesa, CA, have been visiting All Creatures Care Cottage for more than thirty years. Dr. Rand Spongberg and his highly trained team foster an environment that helps ensure that everybody remains comfortable and at ease during their visit. From routine examinations to medical emergencies, the team will be with you every step of the way. One animal that tends to be a bit more difficult when brought to the veterinarian is your cat.

Why Are Cats Stressed?

Cats are incredibly attached to their territory - your home. Additionally, most domesticated house cats are very sheltered and live a very predictable life where they rarely are outside of their home. When that routine is shattered, it can be overwhelming for your cat. A typical experience of getting your cat into the vet involves them being pushed (often against their will) into a pet carrier. They are stuck in a noisy and moving vehicle where they are taken to the pet hospital or clinic, where they are then exposed to an overwhelming number of new smells. That is before the doctor even performs an examination, provides a vaccination, etc. It is no wonder your cat is so stressed at the vet hospital.

Tips for Easing the Experience

It is likely that your cat only sees the pet carrier you will transport them in when it comes time for that vet visit. When they see it, they instinctively know they are about to be put inside. To ease this stress, try leaving your pet carrier in an area where your cat plays or relaxes. Let them get used to it. They may even begin to go in it on their own for naps. Making your cat comfortable around a carrier will ease the stress of loading them into it when it comes time to see the veterinarian.

On the trip to the vet, make sure you try to avoid any sudden braking, sudden acceleration, and sharp turns. Make the ride as smooth as possible for them to ease that stress. Ask your vet what times are less busy as that may be the best time to bring your cat in. Bring a blanket from home with familiar smells that you can bring out once you are in the examination room. All of these combined can help relieve the stress your cat experiences. To reach All Creatures Care Cottage, Costa Mesa, CA, please call (949) 642-7151.