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Reasons to Look for an Animal Hospital That Spays and Neuters Pets for Longer Lifespans

October 22, 2021

The decision you make regarding spaying or neutering your pet is one of the most important you will make during their lifetime.

Long-term health implications come into play when pets are not spayed or neutered, and it could affect your wallet. Pet owners living in the Costa Mesa, CA area have trusted their pets to be spayed and neutered by Dr. Rand Spongberg and the team of veterinarians at All Creatures Care Cottage.

Increasing Your Pet's Lifespan

Animals who are spayed and neutered consistently live longer and healthier lives than those animals who are not. A study conducted at the University of Georgia utilized medical records of over 70,000 animals and found that those animals who were spayed or neutered live demonstrably longer lives. Male dogs were found to live nearly 15 percent longer when neutered, while female dogs were found to live over 25% longer lives. Translated into years, it found that dogs that were not spayed or neutered lived 7.9 years on average, while those who were spayed or neutered lived 9.4 years on average.

Findings with cats were similar, with neutered cats living 62% longer and spayed cats 39% longer lives.

Why Are Spayed and Neutered Pets Living Longer?

Now that we have established that, on average, spayed or neutered pets live longer, the question becomes why. One significant contributor to this increased lifespan is a reduced risk of cancer in spayed or neutered animals. Pets which remain intact are more susceptible to developing pyometra, a dangerous and sometimes fatal uterine infection, and uttering mammary glands and other forms of cancers of the reproductive system. Neutering your male pets also eliminates the risk they develop testicular cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Spaying or neutering your pets does more than help control the pet population. It also paves the way for a healthier life with a reduced risk of disease and cancer.

If you seek a team of caring and highly trained specialists who can perform this procedure for your pet in the Costa Mesa, CA area, please reach out to Dr. Rand Spongberg and the team at All Creatures Care Cottage by calling (949) 642-7151.