Medicated Pet Baths in Costa Mesa, CA

Medicated Pet Baths in Costa Mesa, CA

Grooming your pet is one of the ways to maintain optimal health and happiness.

We are happy to consult with you about an ideal grooming schedule based on the species, breed, and on your pet’s lifestyle habits. Additionally, we know that there are some conditions that are better treated in our office than in your home. While a routine bath will clean your pet’s hair of debris, dirt, and excess oil, irritated skin needs extra TLC.

Medicated baths are performed when a skin problem needs to be addressed. Some medications are formulated for flea and tick prevention, as well. Achieving the desired result from a medicated bath often requires precision techniques in addition to the right soap and medication. For instance, some medicated grooming products need to be massaged into the skin and left there for several minutes to adequately soothe irritation or combat infection. Performing this type of bath at home can be extremely challenging, especially if your pet is not in a cooperative mood!

Why Your Pet May Need a Medicated Bath

One of the most common medicated bath treatments revolves around flea and tick prevention. However, there are other reasons that this service may be beneficial:

  • Bacterial and yeast overgrowth can cause odor, itching, flaking skin, scabs and crusting. All of these symptoms might decrease with a customized grooming service.
  • Bacterial infections and excessive oiliness may be treated with special shampoo. As oil production decreases, odor should, as well.
  • Pets with dandruff or skin allergies can have itching and flaking soothed with medicated shampoo

What Are Medicated Baths for Pets?

Is your pet suffering from skin diseases? Then the medicated baths offered by All Creatures Care Cottage might be the treatment you are looking for. Watch this video to learn more about medicated baths as explained by Dr. Rand Spongberg.

Many stores and veterinary clinics offer mild medicated or oatmeal shampoos. These products can be used during your home-grooming treatments. However, pets with chronic issues or certain lifestyle habits may benefit more from professional-grade medicated grooming products.

All Creatures Care Cottage in Costa Mesa cares about your pets’ health and happiness. Contact us to learn more about our grooming and veterinary services.